2015 EVP's  and Audibles

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) sounds are speech or speech-like sounds believed by EVP researchers to be of paranormal origin. They are detected on electronic recording media and while the sounds are not present at the time of the recording they are detected upon playback.They are typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase, and are sometimes direct responses to questions. EVPs have been observed in diverse media, including but not limited to short-wave radio, ham radio, television, tape recorders, digital audio recorders, and video recorders.  They are typically recorded using digital audio recorders or audio recording computer software. What you are about to hear are EVPs that were caught during some of our investigations.  We have processed all of these EVPs so that you can better hear what we believe is an EVP. No EVP has ever been faked by GUARD!



GUARD  case (1) West Peoria 2015 

Kenny's West Side Pub 


This locations is noted to be one of the most hunted locations in Illinois. This small  bar now pub/ restaurant was once owned by the mob at one time. In July 1948, Bernie Shelton was cut down by a sniper?s rifle outside his headquarters in Peoria, now known at the pub. The owner who was killed was a noted bootlegger and had a price on his head by Al Capone.

We caught a number of EVP's in May of 2015.


EVP 2 HI male voice.wav

EVP 3 some thing about FISHING to go fishing.wav

EVP 4 Male voice HELP ME me male.wav

EVP 5 Shiny


October case (2) West Peoria 2015 we returned to Kenny's Westside Pub. 

EVP 1 Voice saying possibly "Awesome".
EVP 2 one hard to hear "I died here". died here.wav
EVP 2 Two Amp up only the voice. I died here amp up.wav
EVP 3 unknown voice before a Mon of some type. voice say hear something.wav
 EVP 4 response to tired of talking "Me To". too said tired of talking.wav
EVP 5 Female voice believed to be saying "I do"? female voice.wav
October case Pekin IL 2015 
Pekin Illinois at a home that owner was redoing and had their kid see faces in the window and voices were heard.
EVP 1 A female voice say "HI". voice saying HI.wav
EVP 2 A male voice say that they are frighten of guns. frighten about guns.wav
EVP 3 A female voice on the radio just before before my own voice female voice before radios.wav
EVP 4 Asked who room and in a weak voice you will hear a female voice say "Mine". room question mine answer.wav


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